What Are the Pro and Cons of Shared Web Hosting?

Some people are truly fans to any shared web hosting plan, while others just seems to be having that negative impression for shared web hosting plan. Although some minor types of the online companies found themselves to be unsuitable for shared hosting, most of the web-masters have utilized this type of web hosting with no major or serious issues.However, is shared services really good or is it bad? In reality, shared web hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting plans in the society today because of its cost effectiveness. The web-master does not need to pay for any of the maintenance cost for the web host providers will be handling the maintenance of the server on periodic basis, consistent upkeep of wear and tear of the servers and hardware, trouble-shooting and fixing of any technical bugs as well as the necessary upgrades of the servers as and when they are required. If you are getting the services from a shared provider, you are not required to pay for all these. What the end user for a shared web hosting plan needs to pay is the monthly fixed service fee only!Because the majority of the web-masters on the shared hosting plan are from the medium class society, the ability to equip this plan with easy to follow setup navigation instructions, you are likely to have your web hosting account setup in less than 60 minutes, where fraud verification process and scrutinized checking on personnel information and details are part of this initial verification.Shared plans have been cited as an effective solution for existing sites or new sites which doesn’t need a great deal of resources to run its online business effectively, For any online businesses or companies which doesn’t require for a lot of resources, this plan serves as their best avenue because of its cost effectiveness. The overall expenses of the websites and server are equally divided and borne by all of the web-masters, thus making the cost expenses per person to be competitively low as compared to a dedicated hosting plan.So far, we have reviewed the pro of this shared web hosting, come and let us check out what are some of its cons -As there are multiple websites residing on the same server, it is just logically a common practice to have everyone on the same server to share the same pool of resources. No one on a shared hosting plan is able to exclusively enjoy the entire pool of resources such as in a dedicated web hosting plan. If any of your neighbors on the same server over-consume a lot of bandwidth compared to what he has been allocated by the web host, bottle-necks and slowness of traffic will be experienced intermittently when this happened, and often this will drive your existing clients away as they are unlikely to gauge good sales nor new businesses when this occurrence happened too frequently.If your website requires a lot of graphics, pictures or photos to be downloaded, shared web hosting services might not be something for you due to its restricted resource usage where it will only jeopardize your site performance eventually. The same consequences will happen if one is running an e-commerce site hosting interactive forums which requires a lot of database interactions and software interfaces, then again, shared web hosting plan is not the plan for you.

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