Coolest Gadgets On The Market

Like many people across the world, I have a large pile of old gadgets which I don’t use anymore, but the thrill of getting one of the new cool gadgets which are fresh on to the market is always too much of a buzz for me to resist from buying the latest ones.There is something very nice about having a new gadget to play with. But for me, it always has to have a practical application that will actually make life easier, as well as being a piece of very clever technology for me to consider it among my favourite cool gadgets.Here is a selection of the best gadgets that are available at the moment.Apple iPad 2This, of course, is the ultimate of the cool gadgets available today. It takes all the best bits from the original iPad which sold millions around the world, and then improves them and has added a raft of new tools and functionality as well.Although there are many touch screen tablet computers on the market today, Apple’s iPad 2 seems to be ahead of the game at the moment. While it may not necessarily be the best option if you’re looking to write an essay, it is great for browsing the internet and for playing videos. And in the style stakes, it is certainly ahead of its competition.HTC DesireTo call the modern smartphone just a phone certainly seems to be doing the whole industry a vast disservice, because they do so much more than just make and receive phone calls on the move. There are of course many smartphones on the market at the moment, and a lot of them are very cool gadgets, but the one of the best among them is the HTC Desire.The intuitive touch screen system which you use to navigate these cool gadgets is very good, and once you know how to do it, it is very straightforward. The screen is very crisp and clear, and ideal for playing back film or TV shows. Pictures can be displayed very well too. All in all, this is a great phone, and the apps available for it really make it one of the coolest gadgets at the present moment.Garmin Forerunner Heart Rate Monitor And WatchWhile this may not be one that will appeal to everyone, if you are interested in running, then this is the ultimate of the cool gadgets for getting the most out of your training. The first and main feature that you will be using is the heart rate monitor itself, so that you can find the right pace for your training, and also making sure you aren’t pushing too hard.However, it is the GPS capability analytical software that comes bundled with this watch that really makes it one of the exceptionally cool gadgets for runners. The tools can allow you to track your favourite running routes, and to compete against yourself. And if you’re running in a popular area, you will also be able to compare your route against others using the online tools.ConclusionWhile you may not be into spending all of your hard-earned cash on the latest cool gadgets all the time, they can be a great addition and can add a new area of interest to your life.

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